The Restaurant

The Restaurant

Fine cooking is art and when a dish arrives at the table, you look at it attentively and you judge the shapes, the colours, the shades and the different consistencies. Then you perceive the aroma and closing your eyes,  you sense the ingredients and the aromas that alight the desire to taste the Chef’s creation. And it’s a feast of flavours, of sensations, of memories, of pleasure. 

Fresh fish, seasonal vegetables, typical Tuscan salame, cured meats and cheese are the ingredients at the base of our dishes, our pizzas and our schiacciate toscane (typical Tuscan focaccia).

A menu inspired with creativity to the Ligurian and Tuscan tradition with oriental hints, for a contemporary cuisine with a wider scope to savour  in  warm, original surroundings, that feel of the past while keeping up with the present, where love for taste, music, stories and motor bike rides… you see them, you savour them, you hear them, you breathe them.  Alternatively you can eat at the panoramic  terrace and enjoy the amazing view. Then drink some good wine, choosing from our vast selection.

Graf tastes good.

Graf Restaurant